Since my childhood I have been attracted to the concepts of death, sexuality and religion, and that is still the motivation for creat my art. My internal feeling may contain many things universal to all the people. I want to explore that feeling.

That feeling is something like an ancient memory that lies deep within the human heart. It's a "source of life" and a very sacred space. However, on the contrary, it is a world that includes everything that has wild cruelty. A world where all conflicting elements are united: Holy and Evil, Man and Woman, Yin and Yang, Sadness and Joy, Life and Death. All life forms have this memory, and they long for it and hope to return.
This very universal and nostalgia feelings drives me to creat.


■What do you use for the material?

I mainly use resin clay and stone powder clay,It is used properly depending on the strength. Depending on the parts, cloth or steel wire is used. I"m trying various materials and techniques on my own.

■Where do you find the inspiration?

Plants are popular motifs for my art works. Curious plants found in nature inspire me with new designs and pictures. Besides, works of other artists or even TV shows may encourage me to venture something I haven’t tried before. Fresh ideas may occur to me when I am about to go asleep or just in my dreams.

■ What are your artistic preferences and and how do they influence you?

I have especially been fond of surrealistic works and magic realism.
When it comes to Japanese traditional art, I like the “derori” style of deformed vulgar beauty. Balthus, Henri Rousseau, Hans Bellmer and Japanese woodblock prints of the latter 1880’s are my favorites. Talking about Bellmer, I prefer his drawings and photos to his magical dolls.
I like also Asian religious paintings and photo books.
But I do not so much intend to have them reflected to my own works. Without any intention, I believe, their influence would appear in my works once I have absorbed something from them.